Computer Skills

95% GraphTalk
80% Java
75% JEE
85% PHP
70% C#
60% C
40% C++
60% Python
50% ADA
70% Script shell
50% PowerShell
95% HTML
90% CSS
60% JavaScript
95% SQL
65% MongoDB
done Symfony2
done CodeIgniter
done SQL Server
done Windev
done Ubuntu
done Merise
done UML
done Win'Design
done Struts2
done Sonar
done Maven
done Design Patterns
done StrutsTestCase
done Arduino
done GTK+
done AIA (V2,V3,V4)
done SASS
done Git
done Drupal
done Wordpress
done NetBeans
done Eclipse
done Subversion
done Mantis
done Redmine
done Bootstrap
done JUnit
done JavaDoc
done PhPUnit
done Joomla
done Google Web Toolkit
done Jenkins
done Android
done Unity
done Unix
done JIRA


Second year of Postgraduate Diploma MIB - Specialized in insurance
University of Orléans, France
2014 - 2015
Master of Business Informatics (MBI) is a postgraduate degree in Business Informatics (BI). BI programs combine information technology (IT) and management courses and are common in Western Europe.

First year of Postgraduate Diploma MIB
University of Orléans, France
2013 - 2014
Qualification obtained : Common European Framework of Reference for Languages B2 English

Bachelor's degree in MIB (IT methods for company management)
University of Orléans, France
2012 - 2013
Qualification obtained : Common European Framework of Reference for Languages B1 English

Vocational Training Certificate in Computer Science
Benjamin Franklin High School, Orléans, France
2010 - 2012
The technician certificate (BTS) is a national diploma of French higher education. It is prepared in two years after graduating with A-Levels in a section of senior technician (STS).

A-Levels in Mathematics
Voltaire High School, Orléans, France
2007 - 2010
Major : Mathematics

Professional Experience

Design and development engineer
Ausy , Orléans, France
(October 2015 to the present date)

Provision of services for SOGECAP (Orléans) and SOGELIFE (Luxembourg)

Design and development engineer (Graphtalk AIA)
Société Générale , Orléans, France
(April to October 2015)

Graphtalk AIA training, project management, design, development and software acceptance

Handling operation
Girard Agediss , Mer, France
(June to July 2014)


Development of the collaborative recruitment website
VoiceDigit , Orléans, France
(April to June 2013)

Third year internship

Provisioner of goods for workstations
(July to August 2012)


Creating a website for the youth of the sector
Community of communes of Loges , Jargeau, France
(January to February 2012)

Internship of the 2nd year of Vocational Training in Computer Science

Development of a dynamic external module for a collaborative website
Regional Centre for Educational Documentation , Orléans, France
(May to June 2011)

Internship of the 1rst year of Associate Degree in Computer Science

Hardware dismantling and packaging
(July to August 2010)



Personal Details

  • 25 years old
  • Graduated with a Master's degree in Business Informatics
  • Hobbies : Guitar, motorbike, swimming, reading, programming, problem solving, CTF
  • Sport : Basketball competition
  • Car driving license (since April 2010)
  • Motorbike license (since September 2012)

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