« Maarti, the lonesome developer », it does not mean « the asocial hermit », quite the contrary I love to share and participate in collaborative projects.

Rather, it means that when I get into a new project, even if it involves several fields and different technologies, I will try to do everything by myself.

The goal is to become the most versatile and autonomous developer possible. Use the richness and philosophy of each language used to try to apply it to others, in order to realize things that are surprising, unexpected or not originally foreseen by this language. Be enriched by each methodology learned and each solved problem to solve the next problems more efficiently and quickly.

Improve on your own, to be more effective in team. It's a bit like that : « Maarti, the lonesome developer ».

The project of the moment:

Leo Adventure Cat

Leo Adventure Cat

I am currently developing a 2D platform game on Android. The game will offer a story mode as well as secondary levels of various difficulties that one can play in any order.

It will be possible (but not mandatory) to earn virtual money faster by watching commercials. All the profits generated by this game will be donated to an animal protection association.